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3 Skills to Acquire for 2020

The biggest question that I have in my mind is whether the university are shaping the courses according to the current time.

Are the existing courses relevant or will they be after 3-4 years.

The digital platforms are the main advertising and content mediums and they are transforming day by day. One wonders how does a person who is looking for a job in the digital marketing scene gets themselves updated.

Among the skills that you should focus on include

· Social Media Skills

· Copywriting Skills

· SEO Skills

· Email Marketing Skills

· Graphic Design Skills

· Paid Advertising Skills

Social media skills

Over 20 million users in Malaysia make purchasing decision through social media networks. Among those that are available are such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and many others.

You will find different types of audience for each of this and you can focus on mastering one or two. In Malaysia , there is a high traffic and engagement on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Copywriting skills

Copywriting skills are very essential as they will teach you what is copywriting, difference between selling and educating,

Using the AIDA formula (Awareness, Interest, Desire , Action) to generate content . The copywriting skills will equip you towards creating blog post,press releases and social media post. There is a style to writing and you need to do that.


SEO is a highly in demand as it is a niche area and can even land you in a well-paid job. As this job requires meticulous keyword research and a long term link building capacity, most people would rather outsource this task to freelancers or digital agencies.

Inbound Marketing

Many people have a vague understanding of inbound marketing. In bound marketing has lot to do with your email campaigns, content marketing, blogging. Its an overall creation of your journey in collecting leads to your website or other digital platforms.

There are more to this than the ones listed above. We also provide the above courses through physical classes and online. For further information, you may contact us at

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