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One of my most loved blogging tips is to repurpose your old substance to get new traffic to your site. As a bustling female business visionary, I realize that it is so difficult to continually make new blogging content (however on the off chance that you are battling for thoughts, this post on making unending blog entry thoughts can help!).

Composing a blog entry may take you hours, so utilizing a portion of these tips can bring a new life and traffic to your posts, and serve you the ideal customer.

Tip One : Create new pins for old blog posts

Making new pins for your old blog entries is one of my most loved Pinterest promoting techniques. I have tried this on various records with a wide scope of audience .. it works!

You can look for a specific blog entry from your website and make new pins and transfer to Pinterest (search for the "+" sign, include the url, and afterward include an invigorated Pinterest portrayal). I don't totally rework the Pinterest depiction, however, you need to update the hashtags regularly and add to the pins. This is my preferred tip for getting new traffic to an old blog entry.

Tip Two: Talk about your Blog post on Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a truly ground-breaking approach to show, build, trust, and truly permit your crowd to become acquainted with your character. In the event that you are battling for what to share on Instagram (other than charming boomerangs of your children), get an old blog entry and discussion about it in stories! Your commitment will take off (and you can guide them to the first blog entry).

Tip Three: Add Video

Did you realize that by 2021, it is anticipated that 80% of viral substance on the web will be video? In the event that you've had a mainstream blog entry before, there's a decent possibility that adding video to that post, particularly if it's a youtube video (youtube is part of Google) that you can use to enhance the traffic and SEO to that post.

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