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Are you sleeping off halfway through a webinar?

Updated: May 10, 2020

With the lockdown, we are somehow doomed in front of the computer screen for hours and that means scrolling down webinars after webinars in our news feed.

Can you recall which webinars that you have skipped and which one of those that you have paused a moment to listen to closer?

It all depends on various factors, doesn’t it? But have you given a thought on which factors attract you the most?

While I scroll down my Facebook feed, often times the webinars or videos that capture my attention happens to be the ones that have a certain graphic motion running in the background.


So how about a little tweak on the background? That brings us to the next questions, how can I change my background.

We have gathered a few apps or software that allows you to change the background

Zoom Web Portal, you can change the default background image or customize the background image for a room, floor, or location

SparkoCam to replace the green screen with a nice slate wall background. The background you pick is up to you of course.


The next one you need to pay attention to is the lighting. Place your laptop, and conduct the webinar in a room that is bright and not under a dimmed light. Don’t make it to the point that the audience has to squint their eyes while listening to your webinar. Video quality is also affected by the camera or the built-in laptops that you use.

Some would rely on DSLR to make a quick recording, editing, or distribution of your content. At times the setup and will be a hassle even more with live streaming.

There are other options such as Cam Link that you can attach to your computer which you can use as an alternative to your webcam.

Check on the background again! The dull background could also be the problem, absorbing the lights in the room and not shedding enough brightness to your video.


With all the fancy lighting, cameras, and tools, it does not mean you are on your way to making the most engaging webinar. Engagement is the key factor that tops as the first priority. Thinking of creative ways that you could engage your audience could fetch a good set of loyal audience that looks forward to your video.

I have seen webinars that are fully informative where the panel of speakers share a fruitful discussion. They share information that is hard to get, valuable, and not to be missed. However for those finding it hard to engage the audience with just discussion, look into demonstrating a software, your product, showcase your retail shop, your collections, or even present with a whiteboard.

Think about it. Which movie engages you the most? Fast-paced with multiple scenes in 5 minutes vs 5 minutes of dull conversation.

This simple analogy will spark the creativity in you to come up with different ideas to cheer up your audience.


All work but no play will make a boring webinar. How about throwing in some contest to make it lively? Create a contest for the first 10 audiences to signup to win a decent amount of cash, or a gadget or a voucher. You could collaborate with other entrepreneurs or brands to sponsor exciting prizes for your contest.

Killing two birds with one stone? Rings a bell? The two-way engagement allows you to build a database for future marketing campaigns and strengthen the relationship with your audience.


If anyone asked what will be a decent time length for a webinar, we might be scratching our head. This is because sometimes a half an hour webinar turns out to be a success than a 10-minute webinar or vice versa. No one can really define a proper time period to conduct a webinar but you have to come to a cutoff point. I think a full packed webinar with at least 3 members of the panel can be conducted for half an hour. That gives around 2 questions each for each member to address. We propose a short webinar session to keep your audience hooked and benefit from the entire session. That is provided that the half an hour session

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