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Blogging vs Vlogging: If you cannot make up your mind

Can you tell the difference? Or which has more advantage than the other. Previously I was in the impression that they were the same until more video contents were getting more views and feedback, the content format changed, and the term vloggers became more distinctive.

The question is which one is better suited for you? With the recent sensation, Pavithra, and Sugu who showed to Malaysians how a simple, modest cooking video could rake millions of views, most people would want to indulge themselves in producing more Youtube videos.

Will it be effective for you?

Analyze these 4 things before you choose which content format suits you best

Your traffic source

Many people search through Google search engines for various things and where does the search end up? In a blog! That’s right. Hence having an informative site that discusses your products or general topics will definitely boost the visbility for your page.

Do you know that 250 million people are searching through Pinterest in a month and when they click on a pin, there is a 1% chance of them ending up on your blog?

So blogging is not a waste. You need to think of your traffic source before deciding which content to produce.


What topic are you covering? Is it a product that requires a tutorial? Then you are better off with video content. Walk your audience through every single step of making a meal, getting ready with a casual look makeup, spring cleaning your room or parade your healthy lifestyle with a new energy booster drink.

The video content allows the product demonstration to be more realistic and interesting.

Many Vloggers have ended up being churning out super engaging demonstrations and tutorials. How can you not forget the yummy delicious cooking recipes by Sugu Pavithra?

Multi-Platform Approach

Is it a selling post?

It falls again to the very first objective of your post. Are you intending to educate the mass or sell the product? Which type of content do you think will engage the audience quicker and convert them into your sales funnel. Video content will be far more convincing to engage your customers with the visual appeal and audible explanations by the host. After all, a video is a sensory journey and that has an influence on the purchasing decision of the customers.

75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos every day.

Merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.

Remember the attention span of consumers is shorter than goldfish today.

Refer to this under a 30-second video that conveys its message sharply and concisely.


It all comes down to money. That implies which content is cheaper to create. Creating a good quality video requires a team of expertise in video editing and recording, and that could mean you need to spend a little bit more extra to create content as compared to hiring a writer to churn out articles. An ideal business model is all about taking baby steps in your investment and obtaining a high-profit margin. That means you can start writing content in word form to engage your audience and slowly build your customer base.

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