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Digital PR - Increasing Customer Engagement

How to increase customer engagement ?

When one talks about online customer engagement, it does not just come from likes,shares and comments on our Facebook post but also viewership and sharing of useful contents .

The key to increasing your credibility online includes publishing good content on online portals are perceived useful for the customers

The questions arises as to what are the steps to be taken to increase credibility

1) Sharing customer reviews

Customer reviews reflects the standard and quality of your product

65 % of online users have agreed that they read 1-2 customer reviews a day (

37% of the respondents from the United States use online reviews as part of their brand and product research as of 3rd quarter 2017, by age group from the United States have indicated

Based on the high utilization of online reviews by customer prior to purchase of product should encourage business owners to encourage their customer to post online reviews as much as possible.

2) Where can you post online reviews

Google online reviews

Google is a perfect place for customers to share their thoughts. Most products and brand research is carried out through the Google search engine platform and the fact that the reviews appear as soon as your product is searched online.

Your product rating gives the potential customers an idea about the quality of your services and product.

As a news business, you can encourage your customers to give you good reviews on Google.

Blog Reviews

Besides Google, the are other blogs that can be a source of information about your products for customers. The segment of customers that visit the blogs should fit your buyer persona and a review by a third party will improve the trust in your brand. For instance if you are operating restaurant, you can extend information about the food that you serve in food blogs, allowing the blogger to get paid for the review or just hop in for a free food tasting session.

The same can be done for other products, you can partner with an affiliate blogger and encourage them to write review about your products. The SEO increases from the activites and so does your positive image online.

products by others. The goal is to encourage visitors to purchase those products using

3rd Party E-commerce websites

The activity of writing review should be a consistent process and be done in 3rd part e-commerce website as well.

Statistics: 5. 85% of shoppers check the reviews and research before choosing a product to buy

There are many products that are being sold on e-commerce platforms to billions of the population worldwide. As the product information are directly accessed by customers on these platforms, the reviews will boost the confidence of the shoppers. Amongst the e-commerce platforms that you can access is

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