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Facebook ads lead generation campaigns are effective? By following these five simple tips!

Time the ad when audience are most likely to response

When running a lead generation campaign on Facebook, it’s important to know when is best to run your ad—the key is targeting potential customers at their moment of truth. If you can do that, they’re more likely to respond. To figure out what time of day works best for your audience, set up different campaigns using different start and end times and compare how many responses each receives. Over time, you should be able to determine an optimal time frame.

Time the ad based on customer behaviour.

For instance, if you sell dog food online, it might make sense to target pet owners in mid-morning or late afternoon when dogs are fed. Or perhaps pet owners take walks around midday; avoid running ads then unless you really want to attract walkers.

The point is to understand your customer behavior as much as possible so you can better meet their needs.

Test your ads

You don’t need a huge budget for targeted marketing—in fact, small businesses tend to see great results from less expensive methods like Facebook ads because it allows them to be more flexible with budgets. In any case, focus on quality rather than quantity. It makes no sense to spend $1,000 every week to generate leads only to discover no one wants what you have to offer.

Balance your budget

Find a happy medium between spending enough money to make a difference and keeping costs manageable enough so you aren’t bleeding cash every month. This will allow your business to grow organically over time instead of being forced into failure by unmanageable debt from those expenses. By setting realistic goals based on data, you can enjoy success without breaking your bank account! Check Out our revolutionary Go Live Growth Method . We teach how to go viral FAST while driving 100% Opt Ins

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Know Your Audience

It’s important that you understand your audience and customer base before you start your campaign. Doing so will give you a clear idea of who should be seeing your ads and where they should be targeted (i.e., their interests, age, education level, etc.). If you want to boost lead generation using Facebook ads, it’s essential that you know exactly who your customer is before getting started. The best way to do so? Survey them! Ask questions about how they hear about products or services like yours.

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