How Mobile Phone Innovation Has Transformed Digital Marketing in 2019

How Mobile Phone Innovation Has Transformed Digital Marketing in 2019

The recent Huawei fiasco has left some of its loyal customers in panic mode wondering the fate of their Android operating system. However Huawei had tactfully managed to resolve the issue by launching its own operating system known as HarmonyOS. This indicates pace of technology evolution. Mobile phones have played a big role in transforming the digital landscape especially in economic activity. Mobile related technologies and services alone has accounted for RM16.6 trillion in economic activity according to trade organisation GSMA.

With the large impact, we decided to look into how mobile phones have transformed digital marketing in 2019.

News Feed

The major mobile activity of adults is scrolling through news feed of social networks. People are unwilling to part with their phones even during meals. The businesses have leveraged on this addiction by flooding the newsfeed with sensational offers and promotions and newsfeed has become the most sought after advertising medium. Bygones are the days where people were hooked to a TV screen, and advertisers are following capitalizing on this trend. The most significant indication is the mobile ad spending that has surpassed TV in 2018. Businesses everywhere are spending a big chunk of their budgets on mobile ads. Ads are placed in Facebook, Instagram feed and stories and in-stream videos to grab the attention of over 6 billion users.

Video Marketing

The consumption of digital cameras has dropped significantly in 2018 to just 19 million units in 2018. The disruption in t