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How Mobile Phone Innovation Has Transformed Digital Marketing in 2019

How Mobile Phone Innovation Has Transformed Digital Marketing in 2019

The recent Huawei fiasco has left some of its loyal customers in panic mode wondering the fate of their Android operating system. However Huawei had tactfully managed to resolve the issue by launching its own operating system known as HarmonyOS. This indicates pace of technology evolution. Mobile phones have played a big role in transforming the digital landscape especially in economic activity. Mobile related technologies and services alone has accounted for RM16.6 trillion in economic activity according to trade organisation GSMA.

With the large impact, we decided to look into how mobile phones have transformed digital marketing in 2019.

News Feed

The major mobile activity of adults is scrolling through news feed of social networks. People are unwilling to part with their phones even during meals. The businesses have leveraged on this addiction by flooding the newsfeed with sensational offers and promotions and newsfeed has become the most sought after advertising medium. Bygones are the days where people were hooked to a TV screen, and advertisers are following capitalizing on this trend. The most significant indication is the mobile ad spending that has surpassed TV in 2018. Businesses everywhere are spending a big chunk of their budgets on mobile ads. Ads are placed in Facebook, Instagram feed and stories and in-stream videos to grab the attention of over 6 billion users.

Video Marketing

The consumption of digital cameras has dropped significantly in 2018 to just 19 million units in 2018. The disruption in the sales is due to the development of cutting edge software that enables mobile phones to take perfect shots and precise video shooting. The user friendly features in the mobile phone allows most users to learn at a quicker pace and record live videos or raw videos as a promotional tool for their business. So much so, businesses and influencers have raked thousands of followers through their creative video ads. Video has become the preferred medium and perceived to have a greater influence in consumer's purchase decisions.

Payment Mode.

Eventhough going cashless is not fully adopted throughout the world, but China has already a combined adoption rate of over 80 % since the systems were launched. Payments are usually made through We Chat and Alipay, the two biggest E-wallet providers in China. E-wallet is seen as the future of commercial transactions which will make payment seamless for E-commerce entrepreneurs. The ease of doing payment has been the reason for many online celebrities in China to gain millions of dollars in revenue during a Black Friday or 11.11 sales.


There is no mobile phone without having at least 5 apps on it. Many consumers download social media and communication apps and recently many businesses such as lodging, restaurants and retail stores have started to create their own application that allows consumers to directly book their services. The apps also provide useful information about latest promotional offers and reward points keeping consumers engaged and loyal throughout. One of the best way to retain consumers and save them the hassle of browsing through website is through apps that act like a one-stop centre for information seeking and transactional activities. The cost of developing an app is expensive but is definitely worth the investment if it can retain your consumers effectively.

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