May 4th is The New Normal

Mixed emotions started to pour in when the PM announced that more economic sectors will be reopened commencing from May 4th.

Most businesses welcomed the announcement as a good decision to revive the economy which is expected to shrink in terms GDP for the next two quarters, However the same sentiment was not shared across the country where most people were sacred about going back to work, commuting in public transport, sharing the same lift, eating at restaurant filled with others mainly due to the fear of re-infection.

After weeks of seeing empty restaurants and being confronted at roadblocks, going back to work on May 4th will be a new normal for most of us.

The priority is to safeguard our health at all times and for the entrepreneurs ,employers and employees , the burden lies on your shoulder to abide by the SOP at all times.

As a head start, the government has already announced that a list of activities that are allowed from May 4th onwards and large gatherings, events, gathering of more than 10 people and gatherings at houses of worship are not allowed altogether.

We can breathe a sigh of relief for that and concentrate on things within our control among which is the SOP to be followed at workplace.

1) Taking temperatures

Ensure that you monitor the temperatures of your employees and clients every single day in a log book. This should be done along with the registration of the names, identification number, address and phone numbers of the clients who have entered your premise.

2)Prepare extra mask

It is vital for employers to prepare ahead with a number of masks ready to be used by your employees or clients when they are interacting or at their workstation.