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Before you embark on your journey in digital marketing , first it is very important to understand your target audience. The F & B is a wide area which serves individual customers, retailers , hotel, restaurants and other. The advertising campaign will have to be customized for every consumer . This is why strategy is important prior to the launch of a campaign .

Consumers who are individuals will have a different demographics and purchasing behaviour. As a F& B business owner , it is vital to have a good understanding of your audience, so you can choose the best detailed targeting on your Facebook Ad. Restaurants will be targeted as restaurant owners in the Facebook Ad


The second most important element in the strategy will be the type of platform that you wish to target? The analysis can be carried out with the audience in mind. For example, consumers who are individual within the age of 18-25 are equally active in Instagram. Hence your advertisement campaigns should be launched on both Facebook and Instagram

In the event, the food products are catered for restaurant owners , your concentration should shift towards Facebook and the target would be Restaurant page admins.


Upon obtaining information about your target audience and the platform , you have to build a brand story to appeal to your audience. If it is a restaurant that serves vegetarian food, focus on the healthy living , create your contents around the concept. For example, you can display to the audience the quantity of calories that your food contains . You will have to work on delivering contents that portray a healthy individual who exercise and enjoying his time with his family. Emphasis on the quality of life and connect it with the intake of healthy food.

If you supply fruit juices without added sugars to retailers and restaurants, your social media contents will highlight healthy living and benefits of not consuming sugar. The brand stories that you create will reflect the values that your company stands for.


A strategy plan should also list down the type of promotions that you wish to carry out throughout your campaign. This will be the tool to entice audience to your restaurant or to purchase your products at the retail store. For instance if the hot chilli sauce is the fast selling item from your shelf, promote the product on your page with a promo code. Customers who come across the codes can then purchase the sauce from your store. This methods will enable you to track the performance of your promotional campaign and increase your customer base at the same time.

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