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The good, bad and evil.

The good, bad, and evil of this pandemic. We all can agree to the bad and evil part of this pandemic. Many brick and mortar businesses had to shut down with some having to let go of employees. The turn of events was rapid with no time for business owners to recover the losses.

With the high overhead, businesses struggle to get ends meet. I know some clients who saw a drop of 50 % in sales over the two months. The pandemic has not just wrecked the small business owners but also the big brands What is good?. Gradually, business owners are moving their stores online. The latest being Facebook coming to the rescue by offering their shop platform to allow people to sell products.

The Facebook shop app serves as a marketplace to connect with your potential customers. In Malaysia itself, we can expect to have 23.5 million Facebook users in 2021 and that is a big deal!

Currently many business owners are engaging with Facebook tools like the Ads Manager to reach out and spread their brand. The shop app will complement their efforts because consumers can make the purchase directly on Facebook. Facebook is your doorstep. I think that's a great idea.

You will have better control of customers, you can retarget and offer them sweeter deals. I see many sole proprietors or individuals selling products on Facebook groups. Their captions are super catchy and the product itself looks promising. Now, with a shop app, you have to share the link to your shop across multiple groups. Instagram has its own set of business accounts and guess what, they all can display their products on Facebook shop.

Another advantage of the Facebook shop is for live streamers who sell their products, they can include the link with their videos. It’s a big relief for sellers because they don’t have to juggle with multiple platforms to deal with your customer. As a buyer what are the advantages for me?

Image credits:Facebook

When I see a product being advertised on Facebook, I prefer to purchase it on the spot rather than being directed to another website. The best part is the Facebook shop connects with third party services such as Shopify which allows merchants to customize their storefronts on Facebook. The rest of the business operations such as delivery, inventory, and orders can be managed through Shopify. Let’s start discovering

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