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You’ll never guess which restaurant has Asia's best burger

KUALA LUMPUR 05 FEBRUARY 2020 : Burger joints in Kuala Lumpur have evolved from street stalls to home-grown establishments with tantalising burger recipes recently. The choices have expanded from the traditional fast food outlets such as Burger King and Mc Donalds. However, the question remains as to which restaurant has Asia's best burger and the recent study by the international website, Big Seven Travel revealed our very own Malaysian Burger on 16 holding the 43rd spot in Asia Top 50 Best Burger in Asia.

Burger, shake and fries, the most enduring American cuisine has become local favourites for urbanites who are just simply looking out for a delicious and affordable meals for dine-ins. Burgers are still money's worth according to food pundits especially with the large sized bun and patty combo filled with lettuce, cheese and mayo. With the rising burger outlets, the public are acquiring better tastes and demanding healthier options as well. This has resulted in many eatieries creating their own 'designer' burgers or known as gourmet burgers to suit the taste of the customers.

"The customers who come have diverse taste and preference, hence we try to offer as many flavours as possible and staying close to classic American favourites" says Mohanad, the owner of Burger on 16.

Mohanad who established the joint three years ago with his two other partners said the reason that their outlet got picked to be among the Top 50 Burger in Asia is because of their close resemblance in taste to American styled burgers.

The most important component of a perfect burger will be the patty which has to be high quality and finely ground.

"We incorporate the premium cut Australian beef in our burgers and accompany them with our homemade sauces and ingredients", says Mohanad

To keep up with the customer's taste, they serve 20 different types of combinations of beef, chicken and vegetarian patties.

To complement the patty, the gourmet burgers are usually topped with fresh vegetables and drizzled in flavoured sauces. The sauces are inspired from the local or international cuisines for example the Japanese-inspired teriyaki sauce.

Whatever the choice of ingredients may be, the end result should be interesting for the customers.

" We are very careful in making sure the combinations of the meat, temperature, the type of buns, and topping are compatible for a perfect taste.

Burger aficionado are also on the lookout for tasty desserts alongside their burger treats. That has mooted many outlets to experiment with some unique dessert concoctions. The mouth-watering desserts take up almost half the space of the menu at times.

Burger on 16 meanwhile goes full throttle with their choice of desserts. The moist molten chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter milkshake are among the favourites.

So whether you prefer a classic burger or a fancy one, just remember that there is more to the seemingly simple burger than meets the eye.

Burger on 16 has outlet at 6, Lorong 1/77a, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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Media Relations Associate

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