You’ll never guess which restaurant has Asia's best burger

KUALA LUMPUR 05 FEBRUARY 2020 : Burger joints in Kuala Lumpur have evolved from street stalls to home-grown establishments with tantalising burger recipes recently. The choices have expanded from the traditional fast food outlets such as Burger King and Mc Donalds. However, the question remains as to which restaurant has Asia's best burger and the recent study by the international website, Big Seven Travel revealed our very own Malaysian Burger on 16 holding the 43rd spot in Asia Top 50 Best Burger in Asia.

Burger, shake and fries, the most enduring American cuisine has become local favourites for urbanites who are just simply looking out for a delicious and affordable meals for dine-ins. Burgers are still money's worth according to food pundits especially with the large sized bun and patty combo filled with lettuce, cheese and mayo. With the rising burger outlets, the public are acquiring better tastes and demanding healthier options as well. This has resulted in many eatieries creating their own 'designer' burgers or known as gourmet burgers to suit the taste of the customers.