If you find yourself splurging your marketing and PR budget on the wrong channels   with a not so satisfactory ROI, it is likely because you have

Picked the wrong channel for Lead generation

Wrong Media Exposure

Ineffective Content Generation

Wrong marketing objectives

Not optimizing your lead funnel

That's the reason why we include  the   3 major phases  to resolve the above problem 


Mapping Phase


An analysis of online behaviour of target customers to identify lead channels. We don't believe in a "one size fits all"approach. A transport company will have a customer base that are  actively searching for the services on Google and this scenario  will  require a specific campaign  targeted to the said medium. For example, an career fair  organiser who wants to increase the visibility of their exhibition will target working adults and graduates on social media.

Customers should look for you

Pay Per Click Advertising


You should look for customers

Social Media Advertising 

Without a proper audience segmentation and channel mapping, you will be increasing your cost of acquisition. The customer will also be categorized into three groups, the immediate buyers, the one who is interested in your service but not able to find you and the ones who need your service in 6 to 8 months time.    

Funnel Phase

This phase is important to identify your cold, warm and hot audience prior to setting  your campaign objective and contents. This is the phase to set your marketing objectives.Cold audience are those who have not heard about you, warm audience are those who are getting to know about you and hot audience are those you want to convert into customers.Leads are usually sourced from social media network, blogs ,search engines, emails,etc. Hence the funnel should be established to gather the leads  and campaign objectives grouped into awareness, engagement and conversion mode across the relevant platforms. Different contents should be served to cold,warm and hot audience to lead them through the funnel. Paid and organic contents should be launched accordingly

Social Media Advertising


Content Marketing

Email Maketing


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Optimization  Phase

The difference between  generic and customized solution is the ability to constantly monitor the campaign performance metrics. The campaign has to be assessed daily for its paid and organic metric and an immediate switch is made to lower the cost per conversion. The contents posted on all platforms has to be also assessed and updated accordingly .

Data Analysis

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

If videos are gaining more engagement in cosmetic brand awareness campaign , then the content should be steered in that direction for that particular company. 

A company operating for 5 years will have a totally different campaign goals as compared to a year old company. The content and lead generation will be optimized simultaneously

Here is what our client had said about us 

“We were supposed to put the hotel for sale last year.Now we are glad it is not necessary anymore. Thanks to the customized solution, it has increased the visibility of our hotel and booking rates improved tremendously


The paid and organic search campaign was tailored to a budget hotel requirement and that enabled us to qualify our customers at the beginning of our funnel  and obtain a higher ROI ”

— Dato Yan, Owner, New Hope Inn

“There was 60 % increase in page traffic after  we revamped  the content on our social media page. As an event company we strive to create awareness about our upcoming events.


Soul Creationz has managed to create interactive and engaging contents on our page driving engagement to 300%. Our organic post reached similar engagements as our paid traffic. Impactful content creation managed to bring thousands of attendees to our event. .”

— Tizihan, Director, Wyn Wyn Sdn Bhd

“I am from Foodlicious Sdn Bhd and had  just completed my PPC training with Soul Creationz. I have  successfully set up my Google Ads and got my  ads up and running for my food delivery business
I was delighted with the fruitful session which taught me the bidding strategy, keywords analysis and much more about PPC.”

— Lyssa, Marketing Manager, Foodlicious Sdn Bhd


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