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Hey peeps, we have a new term on board, content PR. Now do not get confused with the conventional PR that we do. Content PR covers larger types of medium for coverage and format.

So what is exactly is content PR?

It is a process that you use to convert your company into a brand and keep it going with all the engaging to your audience.

In the past brands use to connect with the audience through advertisements or editorial content that are published in traditional media.

I came across this wonderful infographic by Calysto Communications that break down the traditional PR and content PR perfectly

Traditional PR

  1. Online Publications

  2. Newsletters

  3. White Papers

  4. Print Publications

Things have rather changed. It is no harm in pursuing the above but it has to be integrated with content PR as well. This is going to create a big leap for your business and make yours stand out from the rest.

What 5 things we can do with Content PR

  1. Blogs

  2. Educate your audience about the

  3. Podcast

  4. Video

  5. Webinars

  6. Social Media

And the best part is you can still include the traditional PR formats in content PR. The idea is to maintain the same branding across the medium. Through content PR you will be able to attract the journalist with lesser effort. When you produce content that adds value to your audience and the media, the news gets picked up. Killing two birds with one stone!

People do not like to be sold. Having said that, it is important that you tell a compelling story about your brands that builds personal connection and loyalty towards your audience.

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