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What is Strategic Branding?

When you hear the word branding, what does it conjure up in your mind? A logo? A color scheme? Perhaps a product or company that comes to mind? The concept of branding has become commonplace in modern culture, but the term itself has come to encompass much more than simply slapping a logo on something and selling it. The strategic side of branding involves much more than aesthetics, and organizations today are finding that a strong brand can do much more than just sell products or services—it can actually be an integral part of an organization’s mission.


There are several different techniques of corporate branding, each with its own benefits and flaws. Let’s take a look at some of these methods that companies use to craft their brand identities. The company may be building an entire product line for an existing trademarked name or one they have yet to register. Because of legal issues, they must know whether or not it is possible for them to register that trademarked name before deciding if it will be used for all or part of their business venture. Before moving forward with any plan to incorporate a registered trademark into the company's intellectual property portfolio, it is vital to understand what rights you already have regarding intellectual property protection by registering a trademark.

The easiest way to ensure success in creating an effective logo for your firm is through strategic planning. In fact, many strategists will tell you that brand identity should become apparent from your logo design work alone because everything else about your firm should follow from there.

Each brand will be different in its own way, but strategic branding usually requires work on one or more of these components: your mission statement, your vision statement, your values and character, and your audience segmentation. By focusing on these core areas in advance, you’ll ensure that every element of your business has a reason for being. As a result, you’ll build something that lasts instead of just something that’s trendy today.


There are 3 components of strategic branding: your brand promise, your brand experience, and your brand look & feel. These three components combined make up an overall strategy that is referred to as strategic branding. Learn how to balance each component so you have a strategic brand. First you must define what these 3 pieces mean; then learn what makes them important; next go over sample goals; lastly discover how your product or service can help people (your customers). The importance is not in having a great product but in helping your customer and showing it. It may be very difficult but doable for all companies from corporations to non-profits.

In order for strategic branding to work, businesses need to fully understand their audience. In today’s society there are many groups that it takes into consideration, such as their location, age demographic, culture etc.. Understanding who your audience will be will allow you to build a better relationship with them by targeting things they want. Not only will knowing these aspects of your customer increase overall satisfaction but also overall revenue.


Doing so can give you a strong competitive advantage against other companies because now they have to try and catch up with what you have already done and offer services based on what was already successful in their industry. A company could come along with some new kind of technology but if they don’t focus on your needs first then no one else will care either.

So let us take an example here at . We did some research based off of where our customers were located, ages of people within that area, location within our state or country or wherever we did business in etc.. All information gathered allows us to figure out exactly what type of mobile device accessories would fit these people best.

This way when someone searches for best ipad 2 cases or iphone 4 wallet case reviews it displays our website right there on top instead of having to go through multiple web pages looking for info. This strategy helps tremendously when trying to attract more individuals towards your site because normally once they find what they are looking for right away, most times than not it leads them back to your site again! Hence why individuals see growing trends in larger numbers of conversion rates compared to another competitor website.

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