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Before You Forget, Screen Your Media

Before you distribute your content to the media, you have to ensure that the right media is picking up the stories. Why waste precious time of yours distributing the content to every single news media when none will pick it. That's why we propose a proper media screening beforehand. 

The essentials for media screening. 

Even if the media carries topics from your industry, it does not necessarily mean they will carry your story?

Why? That's because every story has a news angle. The news angle needs to interest the journalist. The type of news angle 

a) Product Announcement


c) Award/Recognition

d)Community Projects 

Screen through the articles published by the media to check which of the stories above that they publish often. If the media carries more of stories pertaining to events and launches, then you might wish to tell your client to organize an event to invite the particular media for coverage. 

The event could be launched to announce a new prototype, product, new premise, new branch, new invention.The basic reason for the journalist to focus on  such news reflects the interest of the readers. You will run a higher chance of the getting the story covered with this strategy.

Style of writing.

Every journalist possesses his or her own style of writing. Let me just pick two articles to show you the difference. 

The author of the above article has picked up a restaurant to elaborate on the famous dishes that they serve in Chinese cuisine. He elaborates on the interior of the restaurant as wells as providing tips on the queue process at the premise. 

As compared to the former, the