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Facebook Ad Creation in 5 Simple Steps

Do you wish to get around really well with your Facebook Ads . If you get often confused with the different buttons and features and not knowing how to get around , we will show you these simple steps in kickstarting your ad campaign

The best always to create an ad will be through the Ads Manager. The reason is because you have different choices that you can make. To start , we shall always create a brand awareness campaign. Try not to jump into selling your products during the first phase of your marketing campaign. The reason is because your target audience need to know about your company, the advantages of your product before they purchase.

Now lets create a Brand Awareness Ad.

1) Click on Create Ad on Ads Manager

2) Click on Brand Awareness

3)When you reach this page, you have two choices:-a) to select a custom audience or a b)saved audience which you have used previously in other marketing campaign. Make sure you will have to

When you are creating new custom audience you will be able to choose based on the target market. For example , an online clothing retail outlet will target audience who are between 18 to 35 years old living in Malaysia . If the retail outlets are selling mostly female clothing, then you will select female and the interest and detailed targeting will include clothing or apparel.

4) The next page will bring you to the customization of the ad features. Select automatic placements as Facebook will place your ads to the target market during the correct time and place based on the feedback it receives through the ad placement. For example if X has clicked on your ad , Facebook will optimize the display of the ad to X through news feed , Instagram feed or inbox at the right time.

The other selections are left as default and you may choose to run your ad continously or at a selected period

5) This is the page that allows you to upload your content for ad placement. Yo can be very creative about the content that you wish to place. Pictures or videos that represent your brand, company and services without sounding pushy will be the best way to go.

This is a brief way of creating an ad with Facebook , if you would like us to kickstart your campaign on Facebook ,you may click here for FREE Virtual Assistant

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