Gen X and Boomers -Shopping Behaviour

COVID-19 has changed how we live, shop and communicate, leading more people to rely on technology than ever before. This is especially true of Gen X and Boomers, whether it’s mobile, ecommerce, or messaging.

Among those surveyed, an average 72% of Gen X and 50% of Boomers say they’re spending more time on mobile during the COVID-19 outbreak.2

While digital adoption had already been growing, the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated this trend, particularly encouraging older generations to embrace eCommerce.

On average 85% of people globally are shopping online, averaging over 80% of Gen X and Boomers.

What’s noteworthy is that of the surveyed Gen X and Boomers who shop online, on average 44% and 30% respectively said they are spending more time shopping online.3

And this trend will continue over the year-end season season with 43% of people surveyed saying they expect to shop online more frequently after the outbreak is over.

Due to the pandemic, people will look to spend less time in physical stores and increase their reliance on mobile-first eCommerce.

Safety will be top of mind with shoppers avoiding physical contact and crowded locations. In fact, 1 in 3 shoppers globally says they plan to