Grouping Your Audience and Digital Platforms

The digital platform is a mind boggling medium because it offers so many different tools to reach your customer. However as business owner who is just starting out with online marketing , it can be pretty overwhleming. So this article is meant to be a guide to beginners on how to segment your audience and choose the correct online marketing tool.

Group 1

The first group of consumers are in need of your services immediately, asap. So these consumers as we speak right now are busy looking for information on Google, Yahoo,etc . You have to leverage on the search engines to increase the visibility of your brand to these consumer. How do we do that?

The popular method is called PPC, Pay per click .

Keyword will be the chain linking the consumers to the brand vide an advertisement displayed on other websites with related content or as display advertisements through Google partners. For example, a restaurant will advertise its newly opened brand through a fancy looking banner ad on a related website or as an interactive content in a Youtube video. If a consumer is in search for food around the same area as where the restaurant is located, there will be higher chances for the consumer to click on the banner ad.

The other methods include SEO

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is a method used to increase the ranking of your site on search engines without investing on advertisement. The results may take longer than the PPC campaign however its the best way to grow organic traffic to your site.

SEO also involves creating backlinks to your site. The same restaurant owner might invite bloggers to feature his restaurants in their articles, creating awareness about the services to his or her potential customer.

The third method involves local directory listing

Bing, Yelp, Facebook are among the top directory that list common businesses . The common place will be an asset for business owners as the chances of finding the right match of customer is higher .You will also get a backlink to yo