Metrics To Measure Successful PR Campaign

After executing a PR campaign, what next? The next task will be to measure the goals and key performance indicators(KPI).

But every campaign and customer will have different expectations on key metrics. With the recent burst in digital PR, both clients and PR agencies have access to numerical data.

What are the common metrics that customers are familiar with

Reach and Engagement?

However studies reveal that we can’t just measure contents with impressions alone.

PR professional needs to incorporate storytelling and analytical skills in content marketing to create a holistic brand awareness campaign.

Unlike conventional marketing, the metrics that you measure in PR campaigns are slightly different and it has to be in line with the work that we do. Most importantly what matters to the customer.

  1. Identify Campaign Goals

It is important to understand the customer’s goal prior to setting a creative PR strategy. For example, did the client want brand awareness or conversion? Or are they reaching a new and actionable audience?

Instead of just heading down to press to reach the highest number possible, there are other communication strategies that you need to work on. Pay attention to metrics like message retention.