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Sally Schools Joe on Building Brand Authoritative.

Brand building is a tedious job and it be might get ignored when we are doing our normal fire fighting job every day.

Joe from the Marketing Department is concerned about this.

Joe is looking out for metrics to see the engagement on social media which shows how much of the content is being consumed by the consumer. Joe has other marketing objectives to think about. He is pretty overwhelmed with all this.

Sally comes along and gives me some tips on building brand authority on social media.

Share Data and Expertise

Sally pointed out that data is authoritative. Sally told Joe that people recognize brands that are familiar but they can appear authoritative if they present data. Salya advised Joe not to merely share opinions on social but data-centered research as well. Let's have a good look at the health department's social sites where they share an enormous amount of statistics that people find informative.

For example, the famous pet nutrition and massage therapist, Paws Fur Life hosts Facebook live video on pet massage. Joe needs to share information that gets him the respect and trust of their social media followers.

Share Information from External Expertise

So what if you are running low on data? There are always other ways to supplement information from other sites. Sally points out dedicated sites that provide useful tips, news and industry trends that could be really useful for people to read up. People get bored looking at data, how about sharing a special e-commerce training that is happening in your town that people can get benefit from,


Be More Human

People always get attracted to a person than a brand. In general, You don't want to sound like a robot every time you share something on your social site. The idea is to grab attention and educate your audience. If you have a brand personality like Steve Jobs to represent your brand, make him the face of your brand.

Unless you have someone as your audience is more likely to trust another person than a brand. If you take the Naza brothers for example, not only have they built a strong identity through their automotive fleet but they also share their personal side on the Instagram raking over 400000 followers on their account.

So can you finally see how these combinations can build trust and develop brand authority

If you need more tips on building brand authority on social media, do drop us a message at

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