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Saved , Custom and Lookalike ..which is best?

Having seen my newsfeed flooded with different advertisements telling you the best strategy that works to double your revenue, I had to take a step back and narrow down the basics of Facebook advertising so that readers will first understand the different functionality

There is a theory that says the best conversion is achieved when you identify the right target audience.

But how do you which target audience is the best when you have 3 options like custom audience, saved audience and lookalike audience

We decided to breakdown the functions of each segment and the purpose to guide you with your campaigns,


Saved audience

Saved audience

The fields are based on basic demographics like age, location, language, interest, behaviour and job types. The choice is with the advertiser to select the details based on your product and customers. A digital agency that is targeting the lawyers will select lawyers as job type and to broaden the scope , they can also target law schools.

The question is when do you choose saved audience.

1)If you are starting fresh and targeting a group of new audience with your product.

2)Raising awareness about your product

3)Lead generation

Example, an apparel retailer who is targeting a group audience who are females and are within the age of 18 to 30 years . You can share your product catalogues to a new group of audience to exhibit your brand value.

A newly setup driving school that is targeting school leavers


The location of the audience is selected based on the geographical concentration of the audience.

The options allows you to select the country, the states and you can even narrow it down to sectors

  1. Country

  2. State

  3. City

Basic Demographic

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Language

Facebook allows the advertiser to narrow the target audience through segmentation of behaviour, interest and job type. The basic demographic fields are usually easy to be filled in, however this section requires a deep analysis and good understanding of your buyer persona to increase the efficiency of your targeting .

Every individuals will different ways to access a product. For example, a consumer could be purchasing a product through their desktop and mobile and hence understanding the differences allows you to spend your ad budget on the platforms that is used the most.

If you are operating an apparel online store, then your behavioural segmentation would be based on the platform that is used the most to purchase and if they have been active online purchasers in the last 90 days.

There are also behavioral categorization through their level of participation in Facebook. For example, you are allowed to target business page admins in the said category. This will enable you to refine your value propositions better and spark an interest towards your product.

The interest sector is a large section because you have continuous options that will keep popping up after you have selected a particular interest. For example, when you select digital marketing , you will receive options such as marketing strategy;social media; affiliate marketing and such. This will let you target agency owners or people who are interested in expanding their business via digital marketing.

The advertiser is successful in creating a rocking campaign when he can precisely select the target audience. Facebook lets you select the audience based on the job type.

A medical equipment company can target the C-suite executives of a hospital or doctors as their potential customers in their targeting

Next blog post will be on custom audience

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