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Many ENTREPRENEURS  skip the first step in business and jump straight into marketing and shoot themselves in the foot


Most think they have a product  which is Unique by itself and  that every person that they encounter will grab it on the spot .


This leads them to Launch their AD CAMPAIGNS, using  on the shelf  templates and generic solutions  that are available in the market with the dream of making  a 5 FIGURE in the 1ST month


This mistake can be draining your pockets over time. Without a roadmap, you will eventually find yourself wasting a  big chunk of Ad Budget  in unproductive ads, and  solutions


The situation gets you STUCK and will repeat itself  if you don't customize  your solution. A customized approach will guide you to the  specifics of your  Marketing and PR planCLICK HERE to learn about  Customized Solution

Traditional vs Digital

Our coach Nithi discusses about the ways to reduce your cost of acquisition per customer through your advertisement campaigns both on online and digital platforms

Upcoming Events
PR Masterclass
Fri, Mar 27
Mar 27, 2:20 PM – Mar 31, 10:25 PM
This PR Masterclass is intended to educate the business owners on the steps to publish their business in the media. The webinar will provide an insight on the type of contents that you can create to be news worthy and best pitching techniques to get yourself in the limelight. PR for brand engagement


"Create a timeless brand through value-added PR  and customized marketing funnels"



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