Updated: Jan 1, 2020

It is most likely that your event is just one of the many events that the journalist hear about on an everyday basis ? You have to work really hard in making sure that you differentiate your event from the rest .


If a concert is the highlight of the event, make sure that you write an interesting article about the concert , key insights about the artiste and why should the public turn out to the event. First marketing strategy .Journalist will be excited usually to know about the key line ups who are going to perform. It is very important to convey to the journalist about how exciting and vibrant the concert is going to be ?


A common practice in the public relations world, most journalist will be delighted if they get invited to an event as special invitees to cover the event or interview the artist. This will be the best way to establish a good working relationship with media. Make them feel special by perhaps providing an exclusive rights for coverage or interview.


It is important not to fake when you are dealing with editors. They like to deal with the real people. At the very beginning of your correspondence with them , make sure you make it clear about your role in the company and the reason why you wish to publish the news. Do not go overboard in promising things to the media just to get the news published. It is vital that you are only reporting the real news and not fake promises.


In order to avoid targeting the wrong media, spend some time on initial research to study what type of news that the media carries. In the event the media prioritizes news on politicians and less on entertainment, then you rather publish your event on other avenues. The media solely carries hot stories based on their target audience and so do you. Once you have listed down the medias that are suitable for your news, start pitching.


Do not write a general description about your event or news. Bear in mind, this type of approach do not interest the media. Craft your pitch around an angle which saves time for journalist, for example if there is an election that is coming up, you can come up with voter’s demographics. If there is Christmas around the corner, you can publish news that revolves around the celebration.

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